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Jiffy Pop Story (courtesy of the mom unit)

(First seen on my FB, 9/2/10)

We got to talking about popcorn today, and got on the subject of Jiffy Pop.  When I was a kid, Jiffy pop was a treat.  Not because I like popcorn, but because it was a show unto itself (if you haven’t made Jiffy Pop, you haven’t lived).  The mom unit told me that once as a teen, she and her sister had a contest to see who could get their Jiffy Pop to pop the fastest. 

They were side by side at the stove, and my mom’s was popping up all big and shiny, while my aunt was having issues.  So in a fit of sibling rivalry and frustration, my aunt took her pan of Jiffy Pop and pounded my mom’s down with it.  I’m sorry but that is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.  Kind of like BLAM! BLAM!  “Who’s winning now?”

My family has several weird stories like this about my laid back super cool aunt – things I can’t even really picture that they swear she did…like stomping on a bully’s face in her cowboy boots.


I sometimes really love my family.



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