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Things Snails Have Taught Me

(Written sometime in 2008, because I love snails!)

1) It doesn’t matter how small you are, you can still freak people out.

2) There’s no rush, really. You’ll get there sooner or later.

3) Some people will actually like you. Most won’t.

4) Don’t wait for the one person who will help you. Sometimes she’s busy, too.

5) Carry only what you really need with you.

6) Eat your greens.

7) Go outside after it rains.

8) Try to stay out of the path of traffic.

9) Some people will try to hurt you just because. But some people will try to help you for the same reason.

10) Salt is very, very bad for you.

11) Water is very, very good for you.

12) Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything bigger than you.

13) Mating is messy and fun and should be done often.

14) Stay out of the sun.

15) Being kinda dirty, even slimy, can be okay.



Born in March with a bad attitude. Crushing on Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Balthazar Getty to name a few. Walking Dead/Talking Dead addict. Snail saviour. The only Hell my mama ever raised.

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