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The Couch Trip

The mom unit and I have decided to buy a new couch.  We only have a small love seat and recliner at the moment, and when my brother visits with his sons, it gets quite crowded.  You can squeeze three people on the love seat, but it’s an uncomfortable place to sit anyway.  The seat cushions are not very firm, plus it’s quite low to the ground.  Sitting on there for any length of time hurts my back (I’m so old).
The first couch we had when I was growing up was secondhand and lasted until we moved.  Then, my grandparents lived with us, so we had their couch.  My dad worked as a furniture upholsterer, so we usually got stuff that was second-hand.  Couches that had been dropped off to get recovered, and never picked up, so we would just have to pay for the recover job.  Nowadays, it seems that most stuff is throwaway.  I saw an old episode of “I Love Lucy” where she remarked that she had knocked the toaster off of the counter, so it was sent out for repair.  These days, we just toss it and buy a new one, which is sad.  It’s not cost-effective to fix things anymore.  Why pay $50 to get a lamp fixed when you can buy a new one at Target for half of that?
Well we need a new couch, a GOOD one.  So we headed to the furniture store in town.  This place has been in business for probably 50 years or more.  We had looked online, but looking at a picture of a couch and actually sitting your ass down on one are two different things.  The lady was very nice and helpful, even though we told her we were looking to get a new one “sometime this year” (meaning after we get our tax refund), not today.  We found a few options we liked, but damn the prices!
We got our little love seat from a place called Jennifer Convertibles.  It opens into a full-sized bed (important at the time, as that was where I was sleeping), and cost something like $299, with free delivery.
These sofas started at $800 and the last one we looked at was $1800!  We are going to get it there, but we already had the “we can’t spend more than $1000” discussion.  We weren’t prepared for that sticker shock, that’s for sure.  Luckily, since we don’t need a sleeper, that not only keeps the price down, but opens our options.  We even saw one that guaranteed it’s cushions for ten years!
The one we have with the uncomfortable, non-reversible cushions came in one color: buff.  So any tiny drip has shown up on it, plus it this velour type fabric, that can’t be scotch guarded.  We have already decided that whatever we get, it will be dark fabric that can be scotch guarded!

So hopefully by April, we will have a nice, new couch.  Not a love seat that I can’t nap on, full of stained, uncomfortable cushions.  We will get that best sofa money can buy….as long as it’s less than $1000!

Ever suffered from sticker shock like that?




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