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Tide PODS Plus Downy

Review time!
This post was sponsored by Tide PODS Plus Downy as part of a new product sampling activation for CrowdTap, I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. All review comments are entirely my own.

I’ve used Tide off and on in the past.  Unfortunately, with my uber-sensitive skin (and psoriasis), the harsh scents would leave me irritated and itchy.  However, I was always willing to try again if and when a new formula came out.
CrowdTap contacted me to try some samples of the Tide PODS Plus Downy, and hey, why not?  It was a new formulation (a pod as opposed to a liquid or powder), so maybe things would be different.  Also, nothing was getting the funk out of my workout tank top.  Seriously, I was about to get rid of it…if it didn’t get up and walk away on it’s own first!

I gathered up a load of laundry, funky shirt included, and grabbed a pod.  I considered grabbing two, but I wanted to see how much stink one pod could handle.  To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes.  I tossed in the pod first, as per instructions, tossed the clothes in (I was sure that funky shirt was gonna jump back out, for real), selected cold water (that pod was gonna have to WORK), and started it up.
Thirty minutes later, time to go in the dryer.  As soon as I opened the lid, I could smell how fresh everything was.  The package said the scent was “April Fresh”, and they weren’t kidding!  It smelled fresh and sweet, without smelling like chemicals or being cloying.
Since the pods included Downy, I decided to forego they typical dryer sheet.  I was seriously giving the Tide PODS no help whatsoever.  I even had two fleece sweaters in there.  Those things make static if you look at the wrong.
Forty five minutes later, I pulled everything out of the dryer and started to fold it.  Even though the fleece had a bit of static, it wasn’t anything like it usually is, even when I use a dryer sheet!  I was flabbergasted.  And then….there was my workout shirt.  I pulled it out.  Well, it was definitely softer.  Tentatively, I brought it up to my nose.  There was no one to call 911 if the stink on that shirt was still kicking like Bruce Lee.
It was clean.
And it SMELLED clean.
That was last week, as I wanted to see how my skin would react….no problems!  No redness, itch, or irritation!
No Bruce Lee kicks, no funk, no irritation, no kidding.

So to sum up: clean, soft clothes (even in cold water!), super fresh, no irritation.


Five stars, two thumbs up, and A+.  I would definitely recommend this.  Stinky, dirty clothes have met their match!




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