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R.I.P. Net Neutrality

With net neutrality dead in the water, likely this blog is too.  I am unemployed and cannot afford to pay for internet for things like this.  As it is, I don’t know how I’ll afford to pay for it to look for a job.  It was fun while it lasted.

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Hospitals and Prowlers

(Full disclosure: these are FB posts from 11/24/17 and 11/27/17 respectively, just to give you an idea of what’s going on.)

I’ve been m.i.a. (online anyway) for the past two days. Wednesday, I woke up at 2 a.m. with a migraine. I was supposed to go help my aunt with some stuff (and get paid), but I had to cancel. I spent the day on the couch with the TV on very low. I had my little eye shades on to keep the light out. The right side of my head hurt so bad, and a new thing, the right side of my face hurt as well. At just after 8 p.m., I couldn’t stand it anymore, and we took a cab to the hospital (I can only hope my Medi-Cal/ACA covers it). I wore my eye shades all the way there and in the emergency room as well. After waiting 45 – 60 minutes, I finally got seen, and they put me on a gurney. The kept me in a darkened area (bless them), and hooked me up to a heart monitor and blood pressure cuff.
They put an IV into me (god, I hate those), and gave me compazine and benadryl to see if that would work, as they can both relax you, and they were hoping it would relax whatever was misfiring in my brain. It didn’t. After another hour or so, I was crying in pain, and shaking all over. My teeth were even chattering so hard that my mom thought I might chip or break a tooth, and I wasn’t cold. They didn’t want to do it, but they gave me some morphine.
It worked.
Without about 30 minutes, my pain had gone down from 10+ to about a 6, and in less than an hour, it was a 2 and I told them I wanted to go home.
But the fun wasn’t over yet!
I got up, but I had been laying all day and had relaxing drugs in my system. My legs were shaky, I got dizzy and nauseous, and my body felt exhausted, like I’d just run 100 laps. I almost fell. I really wanted to go home. So I asked if it was possible to get a wheelchair, just to get to the lobby (mom still needed to call a cab to come get us). Luckily, they got me a wheelchair, and we went out and mom called a cab and we got home.
But I couldn’t walk well still the next day (Thanksgiving), so mom had to sit home with me instead of going to dinner at my aunt’s. We had french fries for dinner, but it wasn’t horrible. A bunch of the Resident Evil movies were on SyFy, so we watched those (mom’s a big fan).
I even got a lovely souvenir bracelet…


That was (NOT) fun.
Woken up from a sound sleep at 5 am by what sounded like rattling metal. Almost went back to sleep until I realized it was from the gate next to my bedroom (my bedroom is at the front/side of the building) being rattled by someone or something. Decided to peek out mom’s bedroom window. Didn’t see anyone in the little walkway between our building and the fence that separates it from the next building. Almost went back to sleep again, but something told me to look again. In the carport next door (of what is a secure building), I see a guy walking along. No big deal, I think he lives there and is going to his car to go to work. But again, something tells me to keep watching. I see him open a door down there, that was likely empty storage, then he tries the security door that leads to their stairwell. It’s locked. Around this time, I grabbed the phone and called 911 to report a prowler. It was kind of hard, as I didn’t know the address of the building, but they were able to figure it out. I watched as the guy put on some gloves, and pulled something out of his pocket, then started to fiddle with the door, I assume trying to pick the lock.
He worked at it for about a minute (me watching through a crack in the blinds the entire time), then he gave up and started walking away in the other direction. I stayed on the line with the dispatcher as he disappeared from my line of sight.
After he was gone, I saw a girl come from that direction, but she was just getting in her car to leave. I worry what would have happened if they had crossed paths.
The cops came in less than five minutes, no lights or siren (common when there is a prowler/robbery in progress). The cop went over and looked through the somewhat well lit carport, even checking all the shadows with a flashlight, then came to talk to me, and I told him what I saw and showed him the areas through the window.
It sucked because I couldn’t give a good description, other than it appeared to be a male (guys walk differently than girls). The guy was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt/coat and had a black backpack, so he could have been anyone you see walking down the street.
I told the cop that I didn’t understand what he hoped to accomplish getting into the stairwell, as all the units have steel security screen doors, but the cop assured me that, “Whatever it was, he was up to no good,” and assured me I did exactly what I should have.
I may go over there later today and just give the manager a heads up.
I was already on edge as the cops were at our building twice last night for a guy violating his restraining order.
San Leandro Police SUV Angle

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Because Death Is a Comedy In My Family

It’s true.  I mean when someone dies, we get sad and cry.  But it’s not long before we start laughing.  Often right through the funeral.
Example: when my Great Aunt Angie died, there was a viewing as she was going to be cremated.  We all went and sat there, just…looking at her.  They had her on a gurney and it was at a 45 degree angle.  Now I noticed something was…off about Ang right away, but kept my mouth shut.  My cousin Michelle (Angie’s daughter) was sitting if front of my mother and myself.  Suddenly she turned around and said, “I’m sorry, but did they stuff my mom’s bra?  She wasn’t that busty!”
Example: one of the most told stories about my Uncle John involves me.  My aunt had just gone through breast cancer and had a mastectomy.  It was around the Christmas holiday, and I was in the kitchen talking about her prosthetic breast (we seriously discuss this shit in my family).  My uncle went into the garage to bring in a case of soda.  I told my aunt, that the prosthetic was really good, because I honestly couldn’t tell which was which.  She told me, “This is the fake one.  Feel it, it’s really soft.”  So there I am, squeezing her fake boob when the garage door swings open and there’s my uncle.  He said, “I know what you’re doing and I know why, but really…”

Well, my dad passed away in April.  My brother and I went to Texas where he lived to clean out his apartment, and I got sick while I was there, because of course I did.  Anyhow, we had him cremated and the remains sent here.  He wanted his ashes sprinkled up in the mountains in Mendocino where he used to go hunting long ago.  So my brother rented a minivan, since there were six of us: myself, my mother (they remained friends and would talk on the phone now and then after the divorce – before he moved to Texas, they even went out to breakfast a few times), my brother (who did all the driving, and there was a lot of it), and my three nephews (the youngest was almost 18, so they aren’t little kids or anything).

So we drove for five hours and put his ashes in two different spots.  But dad had the last laugh.
At the first place we all got out, and my brother got the box that the ashes were in.  Now I came prepared, I had brought those little paper masks like what doctors use (like in the third picture, below).  I was the only one who put one on.  I had enough for everybody, but nobody else wanted  one.  I was the only smart one.
My brother started to pour out the ashes (picture 1), and the wind picked up.  Me and one of my nephews ran around to the other side of the car.  My brother got a face full of…well…dad.  We heard him kind of holler, “AAHHHH!”  When we got back in the car he asked my mom for some water, and rinsed out his mouth.  And since I am a younger sister, I helped out by saying, “I told you so.”
The other spot was fine (picture 2), no dad blow-back (although I still wore my face mask).  I also managed to avoid getting carsick on the winding, bumpy roads (thank you, chewable Dramamine).  And we stopped at Fenton’s on the way home, so that was pretty nice.
And I will have you know that when dad’s ashes were delivered, I put them directly in out apartment storage unit.  It creeped me out.  We had to carry them on the train to get to my brother’s house (we had them in a tote bag), and when the boys picked us up, I said loudly, “Open the trunk for grandpa!”

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This Is My Friend’s Family

I will probably never put another GoFundMe here, but this is Mary.  She’s one of my best friends.  She’s had a year from Hell, and it’s only February.  I am sending her some cash in the mail (and I’ve been unemployed for YEARS), and you can see by some of the amounts donated, she means a lot to people!  This girl has talked more people down from the ledge than anyone I know.  All while taking care of her terminally ill mum, homeschooling her son, and taking care of a veritable stable of animals that have been abused/abandoned.  Please, I am begging you.  If you can, please throw a dollar her way.  Yes, a dollar.  When we say “every bit helps”, we mean it!


Thank you so much!